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    If only there was a simple answer for this. There are quite a few factors you have to take into consideration starting from what type of basement to interior finish selections. For the most accurate pricing we recommend starting with a set of blueprints allowing us to outline in detail all costs. This way you see exactly where you coming in at for price and what all is included to ensure you are not missing any addition hidden costs that may occur. It also allows you to see ahead if you have the room to allow for extra spending costs or where you are able to make cut backs. If you have a certain price point in your budget we can also help with recommendations during blueprint stage for example foot print size, extra upgrades such as roof slope etc. These are a few areas that a General Contractor like DC Construction can assist you with. We would love to chat with you about your project. For further inquires feel free to email us
    Let’s try to keep this answer simple. Let’s try to keep this answer simple. When comparing RTM vs Stick Frame you need to ensure you are comparing apples to apples. RTM has the benefit of onsite walk through with everything selected for you; but they do not include foundations, basement finishes, garage package or on site hook ups. While pricing custom homes it includes everything start to finish as well as many options for interior selection. This is why stick frame may give the impression of more expensive. When you compare apples to apples you will see they are comparable with various benefits to stick framing.
    1. Locally owned and operated since 2009, with 14 years experience. 2. Supports local trades and businesses. Strong relationship with local trades not only ensures quality, but coordinated and timely completion of your project. 3. Have created and tested the latest trends and products on the homes we have built for our family to live in. 4. Danny Clark is the owner and operator, and is on the job site daily; communicating with the crew, trades, and customers while working directly on the project. 5. Experienced, hardworking crew that includes several journeymen carpenters. 6. Have you heard that building can be frustrating, or not a fun experience? As general contractors we work diligently to ensure this is an enjoyable experience. We monitor each step of the process, focusing on quality control, and ensure the project runs smoothly. Choosing the products and finishes for a home can be overwhelming; our project plan will provide you with timelines so you are able to make decisions in a timely manner. If you are looking for help with design choices, no worries we can help with that to! Design is something we love doing and if the customer is looking for suggestions we are more than happy to help along the way whether it is cabinets, paint, flooring, or any other finishes. 7. We encourage you to ask any of our previous customers about their experience with DC Construction. We would be more than willing to provide you with names of previous customers if requested. We also recommend you to walk through a current, or previous construction project to show you our quality of work. 8. Deciding to build a house is a big decision and in order to ensure you are making the best decision we like to provide an accurate price right off the start. In order to do this we recommend having a full set of blueprints; this allows us to price out each individual item and provide an itemized breakdown. Sometimes your quote can be intimidating, but at DC Construction we strive to be as accurate as possible and want our customers to feel confident in their build. We do not want our customers to be surprised; it’s better that you are aware of the project cost rather than reaching your estimated budget when your project is only 75% complete. When pricing at DC Construction we give mid to high priced numbers to ensure you options when choosing your fixtures and finishes. We don’t want you to make a decision to go ahead and build and find out you have limited selection due to budget constraints so your dream and visions are not possible. We also don’t think it’s fair to come back to our client saying; “this is an extra cost”. We have had many customers who were under budget in some areas of the construction which allowed them to spend more in other areas and still remain on budget. We will assist you with your budget, and provide guidance throughout your build. 9. Comparing Costs? We get it. We just ask that you ensure you are comparing apples to apples. If you’re unsure if on comparing apples to apples or why there is a price difference please just ask; we can show you why there is a difference. 10. Create what you want! See something you like? Danny is very creative and passionate about what he does. He will do his best to recreate your vision. 11. Decided to be your own general contractor? That’s great, we support your decision. We would love the opportunity to provide you with a foundation and framing price. 12. Has your bank asked if we have New Home Warranty? YES we do! 13. Have any questions for us? Please ask! There are no silly questions when it comes to building. We are more than happy to communicate in several ways; email, phone or in person. Whichever works best for you; don’t be afraid to reach out.
    Not Really! There are a wide range of finishes that can affect pricing but as a builder we want to ensure we relay this to the customer to help create your dream home while keeping within your budget. At DC we build a personal relationship with our clients, meeting them face to face, showing our quality of work and breaking out the details for custom builds. Pricing can be overwhelming when it comes to Custom Builds so we break it down as much as we can for the client, so you know exactly where there money is going. We believe this helps in transparency when building. This way you control your budget. At DC we also provide you with many option to ensure your budget fits exactly where you want it to be.
    With Shandel’s background as a safety coordinator DC Construction is commitment to protect both people and property, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents or personal injury/illness. With many protocols and inspections to keep workers, trades and homeowners safe is an added comfort provided by DC Construction. Shandel holds a certificate as National Construction Safety Officer with a future goal to become COR certified.
    We like to answer this question from a different view; with the question when will you be finished? At DC we like to be up front with our timeline. If we can’t make it to a jobsite right away that doesn’t mean it won’t be finished on time. We like to start a job and complete the job before moving on to the next. Of course timing isn’t always perfect so we modify to what is required to ensure all jobs are being completed. We have a great crew who is hardworking allowing us to have great turnaround times. This also reflects on our trades. We have a great working relationship with trades that has been built up for over ten years. With this relationship we are able to collaborate together to make things go smooth. For Custom Builds we allow for 1 year start to finish; depending on start time, as well as many other variable this time frame can be decreased.
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